A small Study on Patterns of Equake pearlstrands circling LA


In Honor of Nikola Tesla, I noticed what to me looks like a increase of energy, thus it would show signs without tech we may not have seen so obviously before. I encourage others to look at these photos print them out, or find this data and enter it into computer simulations during this recent time frame & see what you see. Observe. I noticed more earth quakes were happening at different extreme depth distances from each other but within the same spot and the first one is weaker the the second. This would coincide with what many have said, increase. however the positive take on this is hey now we get to predict and solve them, isn’t that nicer. God Speed. These quakes circle La like they want parking for a feature film. We have some time yet but not its getting less day by day. I started this with those Alaskan quakes about two months ago and today Yellowstone has a nice swarm. Seems fitting group all together. Focus is around LA, I figured the sensors are abundant and well it made a lot of pearls these last two months. Any strands of pearls, I saw form I did my best to capture daily or every other day. Any quakes that fit that pattern I captured or that looked of interest. Been watching USGS for over 17 yrs daily. If I’d gotten the grant I applied for, I would have finished my painting project on this where I traveled the world educating others by my paintings with academic help to educate properly. I didn’t get the grant, this is where i’m at. If you believe in this research please donate to help me fund what I do to continue, eventually all the paintings and scientific research were to be an art show and a book, a healthy non fear way to educate and learn about our earth. Unified Physics is real, we will get there and we will learn to tend properly this beautiful garden energy providing earth that it is. Type one civilization, here we come.  Also in honor of Tesla 3,6,9 song, well, if like before the Japan & Indonesian Tsunami’s there were foreshocks.And lately there appears to be more foreshocks and some of these quakes happening same spots at noticeably different depths, that makes two energetic lines, kinda like how 3 & 6’s add to 9’s. Just saying. Lets figure this out before we start seeing three extreme depth differences. Thank you:)!