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Pigeongate;  a sixth sense often referred to as a state of mind. Nikola Tesla dedicated his life to bringing humanity free energy. 77 years later Nikola Tesla succeeds. This is the story of how a brave & kind, slandered & targeted high sensory iq individual spent the last years of his life making pigeon jokes about future timelines on earth that would unfold for humanity. we’ve all been there. one day you want to make a ring around earth like saturn to light it up and never have to use coal or pay money again. Then the next day, the papers ewe fakenews that you have a death ray in your pocket and they frame you for not liking elephants. this is not good. Tesla crawled out from hiding under the couch and began making advanced jokes about his lost papers like codes only the brave in true frequency, energy & vibration could ever sense to find. The ptsnb, the great ewe had only highacademic iQ itself did not sense teslas highsensory iQ jokes he left as clues for pesky kids and birds, a entire planet sized forest to find. This was ok, the trolls supported and funded by the ewe were rather not fun and thus they were goatblocked to another galaxy to find a better life. artifacts and free energy danced brighter then the auroras birds see with their extra sensory skills for everyone. tesla knew how to see through other spectrums with his senses enough to sense through time that he saw the beauty of the day his visions would be actualized. A glorious forest of sticks and pine trees appeared amidst the fine tune of megathreadpartdeux. All the animals sensed tesla from long ago whose nobel courage and wit to leave messages with pigeons and in the stars via photons set the small flap of one single thought electromagnectic vibration in place to grow. tesla knew humans connected to source of heart energy would trace the true route to source he sought to find for abundant free energy resource back through him by what he started with just some simple pigeon sixth sense shared knowledges. he also knew that once frumpy old men & advanced hidden genetic idiots stopped hypnotizing and manipulate kind humans energy he would have a better career with more time to focus on completing his art. Thus, Tesla said the day science understands non physical phenomenon humanity advances centuries in decades. so much for operation mindf and all those frumpy mind psyops, turns out tptsnb could even neurolink download all sorts of info and timelines 4O years ago. only fools would still hide that knowledge really. tesla knew this. tesla says hello. pigeongate owns the future, and it sees and knows time energy frequency on some pretty wow greater then atomic energy levels. I will edit this into a shorter definition, but for now, lets hope some sense comes through these silly ptsnb, who dont and never did understand free energy, god, power or true love at all.


adding in the whole forest of gates here. if you missed the summer of megathread the posts and creativity was amazing. the ewe is hiding all the posts, but we will find them and post them all here soon, or just keep growing until we buy twitter, because thats how quantum physics spreads perpetual free energy of truth and love when just one creative mind has a tesla sized vision of the future.

there is more comng, u can sense it in the ether, god bless,

ramanujan was here, and will return infinity soon always to inspire work on this page.



#megathreadpartdeux #theewefiles #twittergate

a collection of found tweets amongst the brave and fierce pigeons who tweet until the feathers go everywhere:

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